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Living Coral: Exploring the 2019 Pantone Color of the Year

Color is such an integral part of our human experience and the announcement of Pantone’s Color of the Year never fails to generate a buzz among those in the design world.  In 2019, the lucky...

A Tribute to Rob Culp

"He was almost always smiling, a gentle, easy grin. Rob Culp kept smiling because he kept believing – in his company, Culp Fabrics, and, even more important to him, in High Point. He believed in...

Culp Showtime Overview: Every Color Tells a Story

The International Textile Alliance hosted the Showtime Market in High Point, NC on December 2 through 5.  Culp, Inc. exhibited at the Market and LiveSmart designers were on hand to review current...

Jessica McClaine | June 22, 2018

How to Pick the Perfect Rocker for Your Nursery

Your tiny, perfect bundle of joy is coming soon, and you cannot wait.  You’ve picked the colors and painted your nursery just the right shade.  The crib is assembled and adorned with sheets you’ve...

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Jessica McClaine | May 22, 2018

Why Performance Fabric Will Pay for Itself

Purchasing furniture for a home is a big investment and no one wants to throw money away.  It just doesn’t make sense to spend thousands of your hard-earned money on a sofa that may look drab and...

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Jessica McClaine | May 15, 2018

Stain Resistant Dining Room Furniture: The Future is Now

If you think that sticky toddler hands or even your spouse’s Dorito-stained fingers would ruin nice “adult” dining room furniture, think again.  Your family actually doesn’t have to suffer through...

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Jessica McClaine | May 11, 2018

Hot Trends Noted at the 2018 Spring Furniture Market

Good design isn’t just about matching colors and patterns.  Our designers travel the globe seeking out inspiration from art, fashion runway trends and even pop culture.  Good design becomes, in...

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Jessica McClaine | May 07, 2018

Performance Fabric Was a Hit at the Spring Furniture Market

More than 75,000 people converged at the High Point Furniture Market over the last several days to flaunt their furniture, parade new designs and survey the landscape for the hottest new design...

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Jessica McClaine | April 23, 2018

Stain Resistant Furniture for Families: Why LiveSmart?

It’s tough to raise a family these days.  It seems like no matter how hard parents try, there is someone right there ready to second-guess a decision, point an accusatory finger or raise an alarm...

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