Jessica McClaine | February 19, 2021

Water-PROOF! LiveSmart Barrier Plus

We are excited to announce our newest line of high performance LiveSmart fabrics; LiveSmart Barrier Plus™! This incredible new technology takes LiveSmart fabrics from water and moisture resistant to water-PROOF. The addition of a new integrated barrier layer to the fabric means your furniture is always protected.




LiveSmart Fabrics are encapsulated in a water repellant, stain resistant finish to protect and surround each fiber. The additional integrated moisture barrier safely seals the fabric and works to completely block liquid from penetrating into your furniture. It is the perfect solution for dining chairs, nursery rockers, lift chairs, and any other high-use furniture that requires extra protection.




Easy to clean, LiveSmart Barrier Plus technology repels and locks out stains and spills, preventing seepage into your cushions and extending the life of your investment making your life easier and cleaner!




We believe you don’t have to sacrifice soft and luxurious fabrics for the sake of performance in any setting. Designed to protect heavy-use furniture and soft goods, LiveSmart Barrier Plus adds lasting durability, affordability and peace-of-mind to your home with performance you can count on!


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Jessica McClaine

Jessica McClaine

Jessica is a digital marketing and online sales coordinator with a background in textile design. She’s passionate about anything creative or DIY. That’s probably why she and her husband bought a fixer-upper with "great bones," but in need of lots of work. Send Jessica your favorite meme or connect with her to share your creative ideas, or to ask her anything about LiveSmart fabric.