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DIY Dog Beds with Performance Fabric

We love our pets.  Faithful companions, they quickly become members of our family.  Our buying habits reflect just how embedded our furry family members are in our lives.  According to the ...

Why Performance Fabric is the Best Choice for Rental Homes

Investing in either long-term or short-term vacation rental homes is a smart financial choice for many.  However, protecting that investment can be challenging when it comes to property...

Recover Dining Room Chairs with Performance Fabric

Selecting just the right dining room furniture is an intense process for some.  It can take months, or even years, to find the pieces that are not only comfortable for your dinner guests  but that...

Jessica McClaine | March 22, 2018

Why You Need Performance Fabric Dining Chairs

This is a little story about a busy mom who discovered the JOY, and the possibility…of stain-free dining room chairs.

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Jessica McClaine | March 22, 2018

Performance Fabric for Everyone: The LiveSmart Story

“At home” is defined by Merriam-Webster as “relaxed and comfortable: at ease” and “in harmony with the surroundings.”  People are passionate about their homes.  We invest a lot of time, money and...

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Jessica McClaine | March 15, 2018

Trend Spotlight: Mesa

Have you ever been to the high desert near sunset? The sky above you explodes in streaks of deep oranges, purples, yellows and reds. The ground beneath your feet almost pulsates with heat while...

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Jessica McClaine | March 07, 2018

Trend Spotlight: Ethnicraft

I have this artsy friend who has a really eclectic sense of design. Her home is filled with, art, furniture accent pieces and planters culled from her extensive globetrotting days after college....

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Jessica McClaine | February 27, 2018

Trend Spotlight: Enchanted

Imagine for a moment that it’s a Saturday morning and you have absolutely nothing planned for the day.  You have the newest book by your favorite author on the coffee table next to you.  The...

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Jessica McClaine | February 19, 2018

Trend Spotlight: Foliage

Since the beginning of time, we’ve been bringing nature into our homes. Humans have a primal connectivity to the earth; being close to it reduces our heart rates, lowers our blood pressure and...

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