Jessica McClaine | January 22, 2018

How to Choose Performance Fabric for Your Sofa

You’ve made the decision to replace your worn-out sofa and you’re excited about getting something new.  For the vast majority of people, a sofa is one of the primary pieces in their day-to-day home environments.  The sofa is the place where dad plops down to watch the game and maybe catch a few winks.  It’s where toddlers pile on grandma for story time and where your teenage daughter eats ice cream while managing her social media presence on her phone. And it’s where mom relaxes with her glass of wine and her best friend on a rainy Saturday afternoon. 

In short, the sofa is critical to the modern family household.  So, it’s important that you choose a fabric that stands up to your family’s everyday demands.

How do you choose a sofa that has the right fabric for your lifestyle?

1.) Start with a budget. Keep in mind that the sofa tends to be the focal furniture piece in your living area.  It’s important to view the sofa as an investment in your family’s quality of life.  You want it to have a lifespan longer than the chocolate cake for your son’s tenth birthday party.  It’s imperative to choose a well-made piece with a look that suits your décor, an internal structure that can withstand some years of heavy use and a performance fabric that recovers from crumb, spills, stains, pets and kids.

2.) One word: comfort. Any sofa you consider should feel good to you.  The cushions should be soft enough to wrap you in comfort and firm enough to keep their shape.  The fabric should feel soft and luxurious even if it’s touted as being stain- and water-resistant.  The best performance fabrics not only help keep stains from settling into your sofa but they will also feel smooth and soft to the touch.

3.) Natural fibers vs. synthetic fibers. Many people think that natural fibers like cotton or leather are the only choices for furniture coverings. However, they might not be as well-informed as you might guess.  Modern synthetic fibers are soft, durable, easier to clean and, often, more stain resistant.

4.) Color and pattern. The sky is the limit when it comes to colors and patterns.  Furniture fabric designers keep an eye on fashion and are keen to incorporate the latest color and pattern trends into their new lines.  The performance fabric lines are no different.  You can find the fabric you want in the color and patterns that will be perfect for your home.

Choose a performance fabric that will keep your home’s primary furniture piece looking like a million bucks long after you bring it home.  You may even be able to relax a little more so that when your best friend drips strawberry sauce on your sofa’s lemon-colored arm, you can just laugh it off and really mean it when you say, “Oh, don’t worry.  That will come right out!”


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Jessica McClaine

Jessica McClaine

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