Jessica McClaine | November 28, 2017

What Is a Performance Fabric: 3 Things You Didn’t Know

I work with performance fabrics every day, so I’m always happy to talk with people about how great they are. When I do, though, I often learn that there are many misconceptions. So, let me share three things you perhaps didn’t know about performance fabrics.

More Than an After-Purchase Spray Protection

Performance fabrics offer more than just temporary protection from a can of spray. Exceptional performance fabrics begin with fibers that already have inherent performance characteristics like stain and water resistance. Some performance fabrics are also treated after the yarn is woven providing an additional barrier defense that protects the cushion itself. Spray-on treatments are like a Band-Aid, providing protection in particular areas for a short time. Sofas and chairs in busy households get bumps and bruises that need more than a Band-Aid. They need total protection and durability that comes from high quality pieces designed from the beginning with performance in mind.                                                            

Safe for Children, Pets and the Environment

I’ve had people ask me if performance fabrics are safe, and I easily can say yes, if you choose wisely. Technology in the performance textiles industry has grown by leaps and bounds since the first days of stain-resistant fabric options. Engineers have found ways to make the products better in terms of performance and safety.

Of course, not all stain-resistant fabrics are created equal. Do some research and ask questions about the treatment process. Does it meet standards for ASTM performance and safety? Is it made with compounds that break down in the environment instead of sitting in landfills forever. After all, this furniture is where you and the people you love most (children or pets) will spend lots of time, so the questions are natural. But I’m happy to say that you don’t have to choose between performance and safety.

Stylish, Comfortable and Affordable

Looking for furniture with performance fabrics does not put the consumer in a small box with limited options. Performance fabrics come in an array of styles, textures and price points. Yes, stain-resistant and water-resistant fabrics work great for outdoor furniture and coverings, but it’s a whole different game indoors. There are performance fabric makers who have been designing fabric for indoor furniture for years and are so in touch with styles and trends that they don’t just follow them, but set them as well. This type of experience results in soft, comfortable fabrics that make a statement in a room, but with stain resistant and water-resistant qualities, they create a room that can truly be lived in as well.

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Jessica McClaine

Jessica McClaine

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