Jessica McClaine | August 14, 2018

LiveSmart Designer Spotlight: Donna Morrison

IMG_1519Our design spotlight series is a great way to bring LiveSmart design to life!  After all, our performance fabric doesn’t just spring into existence through computers, wires and the internet! 

We have real, vibrant, creative people creating the fabric that they would like to live with.  They travel the world over looking for inspiration, color and patterns that play into the gorgeous LiveSmart fabrics we produce in our factory.

This week’s spotlight shines on Donna Morrison, vice president and creative director for LiveSmart by Culp.

 Donna is a highly skilled designer with 24 years of industry experience with the last 20 at Culp.  As a native from Wisconsin, I’m not sure if she loves cheese, but she does love design!

JM:  How did you get into textile design?
DM:  I discovered it as a college freshman!

JM:   Describe your design style.
DM:  Eclectic, fun, colorful!

JM:  What’s the best fabric you’ve ever seen?
DM:  Honestly, I couldn’t name just one.  Almost every fabric has some element of beauty.

JM:  What’s your favorite design you’ve done for LiveSmart by Culp? 
DM:  One of my all-time favorite LiveSmart fabrics is Sunshine Beach.




JM:  What does a typical day look like for you?
DM:  Complete chaos – but in a good way!!

JM:  What gives you inspiration?
DM:  Sometimes I search out inspiration from books or magazines or other media - but other times it just magically happens when you look at a swatch of something that has the tiniest glimmer of a great idea. I love exploring historical textiles from all eras. They are a great source of inspiration as well.


JM:  What is your favorite quote?
DM:  “In a world where  you can be anything, be kind.”

JM:  What’s the last thing that made you laugh?
DM:  My husband’s Bitmoji texts.

JM:  What do you love about what you do?
DM:  I love seeing new fabrics come to life. But it is almost as fun to see the customers’reactions to our fabrics.

JM: What is the next big design trend for 2019?
DM:  LiveSmart Performance Fabrics! 



Thanks, Donna, for taking time out to let the spotlight shine on you!



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Jessica McClaine

Jessica McClaine

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