Jessica McClaine | November 30, 2018

Fabric News Flash: LiveSmart Fabrics Now for Sale By-The-Yard

Creating something with your own hands is a thing of magic.  We live in a society where it’s become remarkably easy to purchase whatever it is you can imagine with a few clicks of a button.  It’s simple, quick and practically thought-free to identify what you need, find it and then have it delivered right to your front door.  It’s easy, but it can also be meaningless.  More and more, people are turning back to making things with their own ingenuity, skills and a few core items from the local hardware stores, craft meccas, and hobby shops. 

Fortunately, they now have a new resource for fabric projects:  select LiveSmart performance fabrics are now available by the yard!  Online retailer now has a selection of LiveSmart fabrics ready to ship.

But why would DIYers need performance fabric?  Wouldn’t they be satisfied with plain old cotton?  Well, that depends on what the project is!  For example, let’s say you want to create the perfect table runner for an upcoming holiday gathering.  LiveSmart performance fabric is a terrific choice for this project because the fabric is inherently both stain and water resistant. 

Let’s look at a few other DIY projects that could make great use of a high-quality performance fabric:

1. Curtains

Believe it or not, I have seen curtains covered in coffee, drenched with wine, splattered by paint, and ruined by rain.  Performance fabric could be an ideal choice for DIY curtains for an active space since cleanup is so quick and easy.  LiveSmart fabric-by-the-yard has several lively colors to choose from to brighten up any living space.

  1. 2. Reupholstering
  2. Do you have fantastic dining chairs that need a life?  Or a beloved ottoman with an out-of-fashion fabric?  Try using performance fabric to breathe new life into tired household favorites.  The best part?  If disaster strikes (because…life), all you have to do is wipe it away!

  3. 3. Nifty slipcovers
  4. Slipcovers are a terrific way to change up the look of a room quickly.  If you are someone who needs a seasonal change, create a slipcover out of a lovely pastel performance fabric for spring or a delicious shade of red for the holidays.

  5. 4. Pillows
  6. Nothing seems to attract spills and dirty hands more than my throw pillows!  I dream of having every single one covered in performance fabric so they’ll always be fresh.
  7. Covered storage bins: If you have a kitchen or craft room with open storage shelves, it’s a great idea to cover plastic storage bins with color-coordinated performance fabric.  Any kitchen spills or craft accidents won’t stick due to the stain-resistant qualities of LiveSmart.

Design those cool things in your life and stay spotless with LiveSmart fabric-by-the-yard.  Check it out today!

Jessica McClaine

Jessica McClaine

Jessica is a digital marketing and online sales coordinator with a background in textile design. She’s passionate about anything creative or DIY. That’s probably why she and her husband bought a fixer-upper with "great bones," but in need of lots of work. Send Jessica your favorite meme or connect with her to share your creative ideas, or to ask her anything about LiveSmart fabric.