Jessica McClaine | November 29, 2018

High Point Furniture Market Wrap-Up: October 2018 In a Nutshell

It is always a thrill to walk into the showrooms at the High Point Furniture Market.  The entire industry seems to pulsate with color, texture and creativity for a few brief days spread over thousands of acres of gorgeous showrooms in downtown High Point, North Carolina.  The October Market was a tantalizing foray into the very best of furniture design and fabric.

We saw some old trends revitalized, the extension of trends we’ve seen recently, and cutting-edge innovation that will surely inspire the industry for the coming year. Here are a few category trends in particular that our team and designers took away from the showrooms. 


For body cloths, while neutral colors still ruled the day overall, greens were still everywhere at the October Market.  Sea-glass greens and palm green emerged from many showrooms.  Vibrant emerald popped in the higher end markets while some of the lower ends utilized a softer greyed out olive green.  There were spicy warm coppers, rusty clay reds, plums and sangrias.  We also saw lots of navy, indigo, and gray-blues. 

Pillows colors popped and sizzled.  Color prints were so dimensional and enticing that we wanted to walk up and touch them.  We saw a lot of bold and dramatic prints with oranges, greens, rubies, and all shades of blue. 


Texture-on-texture seems to be bigger than ever.  Stripes appeared meticulously handwoven and simple patterns featuring textured yarns accented pieces in several different showrooms.  Ethnic fabrics with a folk-art look and feel are still quite trendy and were present in several showrooms.


Bulky, chenilles are on the way out while clean-textured bodies are definitely in.   

Very subtle, patterned plains were being used as all-over body cloths along with wonderful stripes and plaids.  Neutrals in bodies remain a classic and constant driver across the board. 

Bigger, casual frames with larger arms seemed to be the trend in many showrooms this year.


Fringes, tassels, and ribbons on pillows were not nearly as prevalent in this Market.  Small-scale contemporary pillows were plentiful, however.  We saw more textures everywhere, pillows included.  Chenille is on the rise in pillows and there was plenty of velvet this October.

The October Market, as always, inspired and motivated our LiveSmart design team to get back to the drawing board and create fresher patterns and beautiful, practical pieces for next season to be used in your home.  This industry remains dynamic and challenging; we just can’t wait to stretch our creative muscles and work on improving what we think is already a terrific selection for consumers. Take your creativity to the next level and purchase LiveSmart by the yard through!

We hope you’re ready to see what’s next for the LiveSmart line! 

Jessica McClaine

Jessica McClaine

Jessica is a digital marketing and online sales coordinator with a background in textile design. She’s passionate about anything creative or DIY. That’s probably why she and her husband bought a fixer-upper with "great bones," but in need of lots of work. Send Jessica your favorite meme or connect with her to share your creative ideas, or to ask her anything about LiveSmart fabric.