Jessica McClaine | June 22, 2018

How to Pick the Perfect Rocker for Your Nursery

Your tiny, perfect bundle of joy is coming soon, and you cannot wait.  You’ve picked the colors and painted your nursery just the right shade.  The crib is assembled and adorned with sheets you’ve painstakingly selected.  The artwork is hung and even the board books are nestled on their kid-friendly shelves, poised and ready for small, searching fingers to find them. 

There’s just one thing left to do:  pick the perfect rocker. 

{The featured image above is the Lancaster Rocking Chair from Delta Children featuring performance fabric by LiveSmart by CULP.}

You’ve dreamed of the day when you’ll sit in this nursery with this small, cuddly baby who looks a little like you and a lot like your spouse. And you’ve picked the spot where it should go. But how do you pick the rocker?

There are a few things you should look for:

  • Comfort, comfort, comfort. When it comes down to it, you’re going to be spending a lot of time in the chair.  You’ll feed your newborn here.  You’ll soothe a fussy baby in this chair.  You’ll read stories about giants, puppies, and cows to your active toddler.  And you’ll rest here, worried, while you watch over your feverish offspring.  It’s imperative that this rocker is well-crafted, appropriately padded and covered with a durable fabric.


  • 527110-150-willow-glider-right_5e37fc7a-7831-41d8-97b2-db9691e443cc_1024x1024Style: It’s important that you love the style of your new rocker.  After all, it’s going to be a part of your family for many years to come.  Even after daily use is long past, it’s going to hold so many lovely memories of your child that you’ll want to hang on to it for years to come.  You may want to consider a style that works not only for a nursery but also for other rooms in your home like this Willow Nursery Glider Swivel Rocker Chair from Delta Children.

  • Fabric: Let’s face it, this rocker/glider is going to do some hard time.  Think spit up, diaper blow-outs (they happen), and even the old classic:  spilled milk.  Consider sticky toddler hands and the possibility that your adventurous offspring may one day find your lipstick in your purse and decide to “color” your precious chair.  You need something that has an easy to clean fabric that helps you keep your cool even when things go awry. Performance fabric is quite possibly the only way to go for your new nursery rocker.  This chair is going to go through all the parental hard stuff with you. 

    Think about this:  how nice would it be to have this one thing that goes back to looking great immediately?  Formula on the arm?  Just clean it off and the chair looks great!  Spilled apple juice?  No problem.  The fluid doesn’t even penetrate!  A nursery rocker or chait with stain resistant fabric means less stress for new parents.

    There is so much joy that goes into building the perfect nursery for your little tyke and I know the rocker is just a small piece of it.  Keep in mind the three points above and find a nursery rocker that will work well for your growing family.  Enjoy every single moment…and stay spotless at the same time.  

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Jessica McClaine

Jessica McClaine

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