Jessica McClaine | January 31, 2018

Where to Buy Stain Resistant Fabric Now

I have a friend we’ll call her Jill.  Jill is one of the busiest, hardest working people I know.  A mom of three, she is on the go all the time.  She has to be able to go from the boardroom to the soccer sideline or gymnastics meet in the time it takes to get her car across town.  On the weekends, she’s entertaining friends and holding sleepovers or taking trips to the beach with her family.  Jill doesn’t have a single extra second to spend mopping coffee off the front of her blouse, removing cheese puff stains from her car or trying five different ways to remove the muddy paw prints from her favorite cranberry-colored ottoman. 

Jill has a secret that some of us mere mortals are only starting to figure out:  she buys everything she can in stain resistant fabrics! 

Here at the start of 2018, I’m going to be more like Jill.  I’ve done a little research on how I can simplify my life by worrying less about stains, spills and my unruly pets.

  • You can find stain-resistant and performance fabrics in a wide variety of clothing lines these days.  No longer just for hardcore athletes or the extreme frequent flyer, brands for us regular folks offer shirts, pants and even shoes in stain-resistant fabrics.  A quick Google search will give you a wide variety of clothing options in a variety of styles, colors and, wait for it, price ranges. 
  • Believe it or not, Jill’s own personal swagger wagon (fine, it’s a minivan) came equipped with a cutting-edge fabric that is actually stain-resistant, water-resistant and even odor resistant.  That’s right.  Those kids who pile in after soccer practice smelling of…the earth? No problem.  Her van smells fresh as a daisy.  Sign. Me. Up. 
    • Furniture. When I met Jill, I thought that the only performance fabric offered was the kind that comes on outdoor furniture.  Not true!  She has a houseful of super cute, colorful, stain-resistant  And she didn’t have to special order it and wait six months for a shipment from Italy.  She found it in one of our local furniture stores.  She just selected the fabric and placed her order.  And now she doesn’t have to spend eight hours on Google trying to figure out how to remove a red wine stain from the seat of her favorite sofa. 

Jill isn’t a brain surgeon but she’s pretty darn smart.  She has figured out a way to keep her busy life and her sanity all at the same time.  She uses that big brain of hers to purchase things that are useful, attractive and easy to clean.  I should probably spend more time with Jill.

Interested in finding out how you can get your hands on the perfect stain-resistant, water-resistant, kid/pet proof performance fabric furniture pieces today? Check out our “Where to Find” web page to learn about who our retailers are! 

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Jessica McClaine

Jessica McClaine

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