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Jessica McClaine | March 13, 2019

DIY Dog Beds with Performance Fabric

We love our pets.  Faithful companions, they quickly become members of our family.  Our buying habits reflect just how embedded our furry family members are in our lives.  According to the American Pet Products Association, we spent around $72 billion on our pets in 2018.  That averages out to about $500 per household for pets, which is close to $400 more per year than the average American spends on reading material!

Our pets are important to us, but they can also add to the mess and stress of our daily lives.  Pet ownership comes with the never-ending daily battle against pet dander, muddy paws, slobbery muzzles, and pet odor.  A friend of mine has a giant doggy door, which definitely adds convenience. It also means rain-soaked and mud covered pets can come and go in and out of the house as they please.  She comes home after rainy days to find muddy paw prints on floors and furniture alike.

We always recommend covering human furniture with performance fabric to keep pet stains at  a minimum.  But, there’s another stress-less solution for pet owners that makes perfect sense:  making pet beds out of performance fabric!

LiveSmart performance fabric is conveniently available by the yard for select fabrics.  Find fabric for dog and cat beds that suits your décor and keeps pet stains at bay.  Purchase your performance fabric by the yard and get to work on creating the perfect performance pet bed for Fido or Fluffy by following a few easy steps!

1. Choose a pillow or foam filling for your pet bed.  Select a pillow size that suits the size of your pet, making the bed large enough so that your pet can fully stretch out.  You can use old pillows humans aren’t using anymore or go to your local craft or home goods store to find foam inserts in just the right size. 

2. Determine how much fabric you need to cover the pillow insert. You need to know what the total dimensions of the insert are.  There are a variety of calculators online to help you determine the number of yards you need, including this one.   Take the full dimensions of the pillow insert in inches, add room for a seam allowance on all sides and divide by 36 to get the total number of yards you will need.

3. Purchase your performance fabric by the yard. Samples are also available if you need additional help deciding which performance fabric suits your project and matches your home’s interior best.

4. Start sewing!


I love the idea of keeping pet stains at bay by using performance fabrics in pet beds.  The above example is a quick and easy way to make a pet bed but there are many other styles of pet beds to make if you’re crafty.  Or, you can even remove the cover on your existing pet bed and use it as a pattern to create a new cover using performance fabric.

If sewing your own pet bed sounds too daunting, check out the LiveSmart pet beds for sale on www.eluxury.com !

Either way, you’re sure to be pleased with the outcome and it will be one more step toward living stain-free! 

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Jessica McClaine

Jessica McClaine

Jessica is a digital marketing and online sales coordinator with a background in textile design. She’s passionate about anything creative or DIY. That’s probably why she and her husband bought a fixer-upper with "great bones," but in need of lots of work. Send Jessica your favorite meme or connect with her to share your creative ideas, or to ask her anything about LiveSmart fabric.